The Willow School

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180° Turnaround

The Willow School is an extraordinary school for children. Admissions, however, had declined due to misperceptions about the school or prospective families weren’t aware of Willow. New branding separated Willow from the pack, reinvigorated admissions, and produced a 180° turnaround that got retention and enrollment results.

Update Branding and Identity.

A new logo elevated the Willow brand with a modern and dynamic look; other visual elements were also created to showcase the school’s many distinctions.

Too often, independent school websites are cluttered with information not pertinent to prospective families. By presenting information in ways most relevant to its target audience, and integrating lead generation tools, the Willow website produced immediate results for admissions. Prospective parents, who applied to other independent schools, also commended the Willow website for its clarity and ease of use.


Willow had a lot of strengths to showcase. When juxtaposed with traditional school experiences, it made a powerful statement about the school’s value promise. These brand differentiators supported admissions and also instilled a great deal of pride in the Willow community.

The Results.

Double Digit Increase in Admissions

130+ Leads Generated through Inbound Marketing Tools

Altered perception from “tree hugging” school to serious place of learning