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St. Baldrick’s Foundation (SBF) was struggling to bring complex pediatric cancer research to the human level. Previous efforts simply weren’t connecting with donors. ECG created IMPACT, a bi-annual publication that framed the groundbreaking research funded by SBF from the perspective of the children who benefit from this important work. IMPACT incorporates compelling storytelling, dynamic design and graphics and a voice that brings emotion and understanding to this complicated scientific information.

A major focus for this newsletter is illustrating the important role benefactors play in advancing pediatric cancer research. Each issue is intentionally designed to link research outcomes with the generosity of donors. As a result, IMPACT has become an essential cultivation tool for the SBF advancement team.

Inspired By Hope

The big story in pediatric cancer research is hope. That emotion drives SBF researchers in their groundbreaking work and buoys families battling childhood cancer. Through IMPACT, ECG communicates complicated scientific advances in very simple and human terms to build hope and inspire donors to give.

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“If your profession is raising money for an important cause, it’s frustrating not to have the tools you need. ECG delivered exactly what I needed because it tells our story in such a human way. It also fostered stronger relationships and connected the dots for people who only know our head shave events to the greater work and mission of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.”

Susan Heard

Senior Director, Distinguished Giving