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Erbach Communications Group is a full-service agency in northern New Jersey with 30 years’ experience creating branding and marketing for mission driven organizations, specifically education, healthcare, and nonprofits. The success we generate for clients is driven by three principles:

Erbach is a true partner — We embrace your organization’s challenges and goals as our own. We value long term relationships, and invest the time and resources to tell a brand story that connects with your audiences and achieves desired results.

Erbach is intentional — Your mission is unique, and so are the customized campaigns we develop. This ensures we achieve the best possible results, which as a trusted partner, we’re always looking to optimize and improve.

Erbach is fair — Your marketing dollars are precious; we do not mark up printing, media buying, photography or additional services. Most clients find our partnerships to be cost-effective; we’re flexible and can collaborate with clients’ pre-determined partners.

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